Most of the value will remain in Czechia

When building new nuclear power plants EDF applies a strategy that allows to maximise the economic value on both local and national levels. Most of the value invested in the new units will remain in Czechia.

We are selecting suppliers throughout the country

Our commitments are more than just written promises. That are facts based on experience in building nuclear power plants in Europe. For example, for the construction of the UK's Hinkley Point C plant, British companies were awarded 64% of the contract’s value.

EDF is actively investing in the technical training of domestic companies, equipping them with the knowledge of codes, standards, and procedures vital to becoming suppliers for the EPR1200 reactor.

A European fleet of EPR reactors

With the eight new nuclear units approved to be built in France and the increasing interest in EPR technology from other countries, we foresee a future with a robust fleet of EPR reactors across Europe. This presents an unprecedented opportunity for the Czech nuclear industry – participating in various international projects promises long-term growth and development prospects for the entire industry.

Visualisation of two new EPR units at the Sizewell C site in England

And the cooperation between the Czech and French nuclear industries is already happening: a number of significant Czech companies have already successfully integrated into the European EPR supply chain, further extending their influence and participation in landmark projects in both the UK and Finland.

EDF Nuclear Czechia

In order to further develop the relations with Czech companies EDF has established a local branch.

Address: Štěpánská 644/35, 110 00 Praha 1.

The Branch Managing Director is Roman Zdebor, recognized manager of nuclear projects with experience from Czechia and abroad.

EDF Nuclear Czechia is active member of the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic and the French Czech Chamber of Commerce.

100% Made in Europe

EPR stands as the only nuclear reactor technology 100% 'Made in Europe.' Developed to meet the highest standards of safety and performance mandated in European nations, the European EPR platform guarantees our partners long-term secured access to technology, resources, nuclear fuel, and knowledge sharing.

The offer presented by the EDF Group in the Czech Republic, based on EPR1200 technology, not only includes the construction of up to four new units within the country but also provides a pathway for the complete integration of the Czech Industry into the growing European EPR family: opening doors to Czech participation in EPR project developments all across Europe.

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