EDF held another EDF Supplier Academy in June, the objective of which was to prepare Czech companies to participate in the deployment of new nuclear units with EDF technologies, both in Czechia and other countries . The Academy is a comprehensive 2-day training course encompassing an overview of EPR technology, nuclear safety culture, and introduction to regulations and standards, a description of technical specifications and quality requirements. The event took place on June 6 – 7 at the seat of EDF Nuclear Czechia in the French Institute in Prague. 

The EDF Supplier Academy is one of several initiatives launched by EDF in the framework of the current tender on construction of new unit at the Dukovany nuclear power plant. When building new nuclear reactors EDF applies a strategy that relies heavily on cooperation with local companies. Therefore most of the value invested in the new units will remain in Czechia. During the construction of two units at the South West England´s Hinkley Point C EDF has so far awarded 64 % of the contract value to British companies  

“The Czech Republic has a rich heritage as a developed nuclear player with experience in the construction of nuclear power plants. EDF is eager to tap into this exceptional capability, with a vision to invigorate the local industry and amplify its development. To make this happen, it is first necessary to go through a thorough technical preparation,“ says Roman Zdebor, EDF Nuclear Czechia Branch Director. 

EDF proposes to integrate Czech firms into its European supply chain not only for the construction of Dukovany 5 but for other nuclear newbuild projects in Czechia and in Europe. In France there are six new EPR units approved to be built and eight additional units are under consideration. Within the current renewal of interest in nuclear energy there are also Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia or the Netherlands considering the EPR technology. 

The Czech and French nuclear industries are traditional partners, several major Czech companies are already involved in the EPR supply chain and are thus participating in projects in the United Kingdom and Finland.