The EPR1200 technology, which is offered by EDF for the 5th unit of Dukovany power plant, is well suited to several countries in Central Europe aside from the Czech Republic. Slovenia is considering EPR1200 for the enlargement of its nuclear power plant Krsko. This week EDF submitted its official response to GEN energija, thereby confirming its commitment to supporting Slovenia’s nuclear project, and paving the way to enhanced cooperation and synergies with other European EPR projects. 

“I am delighted to have submitted EDF’s response to the Request for Vendor Information to GEN energija within the guidleines of the  process launched in October 2022. As part of its European fleet strategy, EDF is proud to be part of the first phase of the selection process for the future JEK 2 nuclear project, and to support Slovenia’s strategic objectives of energy sovereignty, net zero emissions by 2050 and local economic value creation,” said EDF vicepresident Vakis Ramany. 

“The exchanges held in Krško with the top management of GEN energija addressed all the benefits of EDF’s value proposition for delivering the best solution to GEN energija as future owner operator, based on the EPR1200 technology, a state-of-the-art generation III+ reactor embarking the 100% European EPR technology,” he added. 

EDF is willing to move forward by sharing its experience as a unique builder and licensee of new nuclear plants in Europe. In this regard, EDF had the pleasure to welcome a Slovenian delegation last month to the UK HinkleyPoint C EPR construction site, enhancing the project’s impressive industrial delivery model and partnership skills. 

As a member of the EPR family, the EPR1200 capitalises on the proven robustness, reliability and outstanding operational performance of the EPR design. Offering the highest standards of safety, the EPR1200 also benefits from decades of EDF’s unique experience in designing, building, and operating pressurised water reactors worldwide, and all the lessons learned and optimisations from other EPR projects.