Delivering the best offer for Dukovany 5 and beyond

EDF, a fully integrated offer

  • 1

    EPR1200 for Dukovany 5

  • + 3 in option

    Additional units for Dukovany 6 and Temelin 3&4

  • 1.2 to 4.8

    base-load CO2–free electricity

  • 7,5 to 30,4
    million tons

    CO2 emissions avoided per year

EDF proposal to ČEZ and the Czech Republic is a comprehensive and fully integrated offer, relying on 5 key pillars

  1. A proven technology with the highest safety standards, the EPR1200, entirely based upon the fully proven Core EPR design already licensed in three countries in Europe.
  2. EDF’s outstanding experience in design, engineering, construction, commissioning and operation of nuclear power plants worldwide.
  3. A strong integrated industrial basis relying on EDF’s historic partners:
    • Framatome, EDF’s subsidiary for the supply of key nuclear systems;
    • Bouygues Travaux Publics for the civil works;
    • GE Steam Power, for the delivery of the ArabelleTM turbine.
  4. EDF’s experience in the involvement of the local supply chain with tailor-made localisation programs.
  5. A European fleet approach based on the EPR technology with a pipeline of over 20 EPR reactors in operation, under development and/or construction in Europe that will provide synergies and cross-opportunities for the mutual benefit of the Czech and French industries.

Together with EDF, a long term partnership

A long term commitment in the Czech Republic since 2016 to support the nuclear program at all stages:

  • A wide range of activities developed
  • A full team of + 200 people dedicated to the preparation of the tender for Dukovany 5 amongst EDF and its key partners’ teams
  • A clear and vocal support to nuclear energy as part of the European debate

Creating value for the Czech Republic

EDF’s EPR1200 project for the Czech Republic will provide economic benefits to the Czech economy by proposing wide and long-term business opportunities throughout the whole project phase and subsequent 60 years of operation and maintenance.

Should EDF be selected as preferred bidder, the Dukovany 5 EPR1200 construction phase and subsequent 60 years of operations would provide thousands of new jobs ranging from the technician level to highly qualified experts.

The project will also create numerous induced jobs for the local economy around the Dukovany plant. EDF’s unique localization approach will be tailored to maximize the potential for direct local employment through dedicated training sessions, apprenticeship offerings and local business development for services to the construction phase.

A tailor-made Human Capacity Building offer

EDF provides tailor-made solutions to support its industrial partners and clients in acquiring or ramping up the training, certification and expertise of their workforce for the success of their nuclear new build projects:

  1. EDF provides comprehensive assistance to its clients until they become fully independent in Human Resource Development (support in drawing the relevant strategy, in simulating scenarii to identify potential impacts, and to make ramp up recruitment at the right time).
  2. EDF delivers tailor-made and just-in-time training with over 650 skilled & recognised professional instructors and 35 training centers.
  3. EDF can contribute to the set-up of the Owner Operator’s on-site nuclear training centre with Full Scope Simulator at each site.
  4. Through its Suppliers Academy, EDF proposes a specific training to get acquainted with its technical and quality requirements in order to become a qualified supplier for EDF nuclear power plants (overview of the EPR technology, nuclear safety culture, introduction to codes and standards, description of technical specifications and quality requirements…).
  5. EDF can share its long-term experience in supporting its clients in Human Capacity Building.