A long-standing commitment to select key Czech suppliers for Dukovany 5

EDF considers localisation as a lever for developing skilled resources and supporting the Czech economy.
National involvement will also benefit the project and help achieve global competitiveness.
Czech suppliers are likely to have opportunities to enter new markets, especially other EPR projects around the world.

Relying on the experienced Czech nuclear industry, EDF is eager to partner with the highly skilled Czech supply chain in order to maximise the boost of the Czech economy and secure a high level of local content. As a result, EDF has already achieved major steps forward in localisation and skills development:

  • Cooperation in place with the leading Czech industrial clusters CPIA, ATOMex Group and NSK.
  • +50 Czech companies already pre-qualified, in particular in mechanical equipment, a key strength of the Czech industry.
  • 10 Memoranda of Cooperation signed in 2021 with Czech companies in several fields (erection activities, pumps, valves, I&C…) and several more currently under discussion.
  • 3 Suppliers’ events organised throughout the Czech Republic, and more to come (last “French-Czech EDF Suppliers’ Day” organised in June 2021 at the French Embassy in Prague gathered over 50 leading Czech companies).

Interested in becoming an EDF supplier?

For any question or interest in joining EDF’s process for the Czech Republic, please contact the team in charge of the supply chain and localisation strategy