Advantage of an all-in-one comprehensive offer

Constructing a nuclear power plant is no small feat. It involves a meticulous process, from design to licensing, workforce education, construction, commissioning, operation, and the careful handling of nuclear fuel. EDF´s offer for Dukovany 5 attractively unites all these phases into an integrated solution that secures the best value for the Czech Republic.

As the world‘s leading operator of nuclear power plants, EDF brings unparalleled experience in designing, building and operation. Backed by the robust support of the French state, we carry a clear and ambitious vision – to build a fleet of new nuclear units that will contribute to European energy independency and achieving the climate goals.

France, spearheading the European nuclear renaissance and serving as a natural partner to the Czech Republic in the EU, is at the heart of this vision. Cooperation with EDF presents Czech nuclear industry with an extraordinary opportunity to actively participate in this revival of nuclear in Europe.

The highest value for Czech economy

EDF's proposes to integrate Czech firms into our European supply-chain not only for the construction of Dukovany 5 but for other nuclear newbuild projects in Czechia and in Europe. This approach not only adds immense value to the Czech economy but also unveils expansive business opportunities across project phases and a subsequent 60-year operation and maintenance cycle.

The construction of EPR1200 in Dukovany will provide thousands of new jobs ranging from the technician level to highly qualified experts. The project will also create numerous induced jobs for the local economy around the Dukovany plant. EDF will support local employment through dedicated training sessions, apprenticeship offerings and local business development.

EDF is committed to delivering new nuclear units in a way that creates lasting value for the local communities.  We aim to enrich the regions surrounding our plants by investing in infrastructure, promoting education, and improving the overall well-being of the local population.

A new generation of qualified workforce

Recognizing the current shortage of skilled professionals in the Czech Republic to spearhead the construction of new reactors, EDF steps in with bespoke solutions. We support our clients in equipping their workforce with the necessary training, certification and expertise for successfull nuclear new build projects:

  • Tailor-made trainings with over 650 recognised professional instructors and 35 training centers.
  • EDF can contribute to the set-up of the on-site nuclear training centre with Full Scope Simulator at each site.
  • Our unique Suppliers Academy offers specialized training preparing potential suppliers to meet EDF's technical and quality standards. This includes an overview of EPR technology, introduction to nuclear safety culture, an insight into applicable codes and standards, as well as the technical specifications and quality requirements needed to become a qualified supplier for EDF nuclear power plants.

I2EN – EDF´s key partner in human capacity building

How to raise new generation of nuclear power engineers?